Weekly Progress Update

Hello everyone, here’s our weekly update!

J & S Wedding: (Current Edit)

Progress is going well. One of the biggest challenges has been determining some of the clips order but primary the order of events. Also how much time to give each section. This is a bit of the storyboard we’ve got in place so far:

The first 30 seconds will commence with foliage shots of the first look location and will begin to show the bride walk in as she approaches the groom In slow motion. There is a voice over from Father Sam in which he’s welcoming everyone to the wedding day.

The music quickly fades and th next begin’s as we journey through the getting ready moments of the day. This section is accompanied by and instruments and a condensed version of the letter ready. Do to the recording from the bride being un optimal, (it was windy outside) and the noice it was causing, I will be asking the bride to do a quick ADR to include with the film.

Approximately after 3 to 3:30 mins into the film, we go back to the first look when we finally see for the first time the bride and groom seeing each others face-to-face. A compilation of shots of the couple and their bridal party ensues including photo’s with their close family.

About 6 minutes in and we begin the ceremony aa the bridal part walk down the Aisle. The target amount of time to spend here at the ceremony is 6 minutes. With the vows from the ceremony quite short, picking the moments to include has been a little more challenging. Still something I’m working out right now. After the ceremony we see another compilation of the bridal party at the Ledge.

At about 14 minutes into the film we look at the decor and trimming of the reception hall and see the bridal party walking in the the first time. We get a short glimpse into their first dance. We then spend about 12 minutes with the condensed speeches (which will be edited after I finish with the ceremony edit) and launch into a highlights compilation, which adds another 3-4 minutes to the film, featuring dancing and fun found in the rest of the evening.

Right now I’m hoping to complete this for Saturday afternoon, but this film might not be delivered until Sunday evening.

Other wedding status:

  • M & G: 2nd cut comments received. Minor adjustment need to make. Next step will be to make that change and begin process for physical delivery.

  • K & D: 2nd cut comments received. Everything is great. Next step will be to move onto psychical delivery.

  • K & L: 1st cut comments received. Many of the changes will be quite easy to make. One of the request will need a just a little more discussion before the 2nd cut is made.

Next editing stream:

The next editing stream is on time for this Friday starting between 8:30 and 9pm. Really depends on when the kiddo’s go the bed. Feel free to come in a watch to see the behind the scenes for making these films. You’ll be able to watch that stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/bowtiefilms

That about wraps things up for these weeks update. I’ll be back here again next week with more details and info on how things are going here behind the scenes. This is always going to be the primary place to come and see updates, so be sure to come and checkout this page regularly.

All the best!