Weekly Progress Update

Hope everyone is having a good week since out update last week. Here’s a quick update on the progress of our 2018 weddings. Oh and quick note, as I mentioned in my post last week, expect these updates once a week, every week here on this blog. Keeping that promise. 👍

M & G: 2nd cut sent for review.
K & D: 2nd cut send for review.
J & J: 1st cut completed and sent for review. (+4 days from original estimated delivery date)
L & K: Estimated delivery now July 12th rather them July 10th. Certain aspects of the edit is taking longer then anticipated. I don’t expect there to be a further delay. (+2 days from original estimated delivery date)

Last Friday’s stream was definitely fun trying things out. There was at times audio delay, but I’ve worked out those kinks. I’m especially finding it a great time to work on edit. This Friday’s stream will also be rescheduled to this Sunday. Starting at 8:30-9:00PM. Check back here that evening for an official timeline.

I also wanted to quickly talk about the delivery dates. These dates are always subject to change. My goal it to do my best to hit it every time. But any delays as they are usually technical in nature, should be resolved within a week of that time period (at the very most). This is why I’m doing these weekly posts, so that you get a good sense of how things are coming along and progressing over time.

Thank you again for everyones patience. I know it’s been a long time coming and everyone is excited to see their wedding film.