Kevin & Stacey

Kevin and Stacey had a beautiful July wedding with a soft and woodsy feel. The flowers and bridesmaids dresses were pale coloured, which made all the greenery stand out. We loved how they incorporated their love of the great outdoors into their special day, from their centrepieces to their cake. Ashgrove Acres was a terrific choice for their venue as it is in a secluded little forest away from the city noises. 

Things you’ll love about this video

  • We love when couples write their own vows to each other; there’s just something special about hearing them share their dreams for the future. Kevin and Stacey’s vows were filled with emotion but had moments of humour that created a perfect balance. 

  • The photoshoot took place at Birds Hill Park and there were some truly magical spots chosen by the photographer, Melissa. We’ve filmed at the park many times but it was our first time at the place with the tall, bare trees. Having an experienced photographer makes all the difference! 

 Film Type: Highlights Film
 Length: 6:50

Great idea’s for your own wedding 

Stacey opted for a traditional veil during the ceremony but changed it up for the reception with a beautiful flower crown for a more romantic look. If you can’t decide which look you prefer, that’s ok, choose both!


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Jono & Bronwyn

Jono and Bronwyn are such a great couple. They're just so easy going that filming these special moments with these two was a joy and a breeze. Having the sun peek out throughout the day was also a nice bonus too. This highlight video captures the photoshoot, ceremony and first dance.


  • There are some really great slow motion shots of Jono and Bronwyn together. These moments in real life are so quick and fleeting that to be able to hold on to them for just a bit longer is so precious.
  • Having the first dance just as the reception starts is such a great way to start off the festivities. Not only is the lighting great, but it's also a fun way to change things up from the more traditional wedding formula.
  • You might also really love the music too! The music was picked out by the bride and groom and I think fits really well with the day.

 Film Type: Highlights Film (Single Shooter)
 Length: 5:35


  • One thing that stands out to me was how instrumental the wedding planner was to this day. It really was incredible to see how involved the wedding planner was with the event, ensuring that everything went off without a hitch.

Notable vendors

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Ashley & Kevin

This wedding was the perfect wedding to kick-start our 2017 year. Ashley and Kevin was such an energetic and lovely couple to have spend the day with. Not only did they capture the spotlight with ease, but so did their beautiful daughter Taylor. Her touching words during the ceremony and reception speeches left many (including us!) wiping tears from their eyes.

Things you’ll love about this video

  • Ashley’s smile. You know by the twinkle in her eye that there’s a big connection between these two.
  • Their first dance is definitely something you’ll want to see. No simple swaying from side to side for this couple.
  • Taylor’s reception speech. It’s just such a touching moment.
  • It’s not to long, and also not to short. It includes the best moments of the day.

 Film Type: Cinematic Short Film
 Length: 14:52


  • When hosting your wedding at the classic St. Boniface Golf Course be sure to get the poutine-bar add-on. It’s a great way to get your videographers to stay longer. 
  • Check out those dark blue suits on both the groom and groomsmen. Very classy. Especially with Kevin’s bowtie. If you can’t tell we’re a big fan of those. :P
  • And don’t miss the open back of style of Ashley’s wedding dress. Doesn’t she look just stunning stunning in that dress? Definitely worth considering.

Notable Vendors

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