Pumpkin Spice Season Update!

I wanted to say the “end of summer update”, but it’s technically not fall yet. But I suppose the “pumpkin spice” season is upon us.

2018 Couple’s News:

I want to give a brief update how how things have been going over the past little bit. Since our initial big update in July 3rd 2019, we have edited the first cuts of 16 films. This includes both highlight films and cinematic features. but does not include the many number of edits we’ve completed for some of these films.

We have one more first-cut of a cinematic feature from 2018 that we plan on delivering on Sept 29th. Following that we plan on finalizing all of our edit requests for these cinematic edits for the middle of Oct. Going into Oct we’ll have another outline for the delivery of all the 2018 couples.

With Stephanie returning to flying on Nov 1st, my personal goal is to do my best to wrap up as many projects in completion by that date.

Twitch news: I am longer doing any live streams on Twitch. I was hoping it would be a good tool to use to how the progress on projects and also have a dedicated time where anyone could pop in and ask any questions. The goal was transparency and accessibility. However feedback came back saying these written updates were more important to them. And so it shall be! I did do 9 streams since July 3rd, and happy that I was able to stick with it so diligently. Some also shared their concern that I might be doing that primarily to earn additional revenue. Please know that I am not a Twitch partner, meaning I make 0 revenue.

Delays: We’ve had three significant setbacks since July 3rd. One of them involved setting up a proper workflow for my editor and I to collaborate on the same projects. I primarily used Final Cut Pro X, which is especially great for a sole editor. But due to all of the custom 3rd party plug-in’s I had, would make it difficult to set up everything exactly the same on their end. As a result I’ve ended up switching over to Davinci Resolve Studio 16. There’s been some learning curves and bumps, but was quick to adapt and learn. I’m now editing these films on average 15% faster, which is a nice improvement.

As for the other 2 setbacks they are more on the personal side and don’t feel it very appropriate to mention them here. But if you’re a client of mine and would like to know, I would be happy to share it with you.

2019 Couple’s News:

As you can see we’re hard at work crafting and creating films on a weekly basis. As you may already be aware, I have an editor helping me ensure that we keep on track with all of our estimated delivery time frames. I’m hoping by December 1st, 2019 to have all of our 2019 wedding delivered to each of our couples.

Website Changes: I’ve updated the contact page to reflect that we are not booking for 2020. We have no current bookings for that year at this time. Our primary focus is completing all our outstanding projects and take some indefinite time away. All of our current and future video’s will continue to be available online for the foreseeable future.

Next Update:

I plan for my next update will be early Oct. I’ll be sharing my plan and progress for the highlight films for our 2018 couples. I will also provide a breakdown of the status of all our 2018 wedding projects.

That about wraps it up. Thanks again to everyone for their incredible patience and for those who’ve shared such kind words to me. It’s a great motivator and I want everyone to love their wedding film. I truly do, it’s why I do what I do and got into this for in the first place. ☺️

All the best,