Long Awaited 2018 Update

A Long Awaited Update

Hello to each and every couple that we’ve worked with in 2018. This message is to each one of you. I know that many of you have been wondering about details of your wedding film. I’ve been receiving your messages and have been delaying my response as I awaited a detail plan for when each of you should be confidently expecting your wedding film.

I’ll be diving into the why of the delays shortly, but first I wanted to go over the timeline for our deliveries. I’m sure this most of all is what many of you have been waiting for so quite some time.

Delivery Dates

Below you’ll see couples that are awaited their wedding films. Couples who have received their completed films are not in the list below. Anything after the “>>” illustrates when you’ll be getting you cut of your wedding film. Anything marked as “Final Edits” means that they have received the film

Couple / Wedding Date / 1st Cut Delivery

  • M & G - July 7th >> Final Edits
  • K & L - July 14th >> July 10th
  • D & K - July 21st >> Final Edits
  • J & J - August 11th, 2018 >> July 7th
  • J & S - Aug 18th >> July 22nd
  • K & R - Sept 1st >> Aug 1st
  • A & M - Sept 8th >> Aug 7th
  • C & M - Sept 15th >> Aug 14th
  • J & R - Sept 22nd >> Aug 23rd
  • B & K - Sept 29th >> Aug 30th

“What makes these dates any more attainable than dates given before?”

This is a great question. First off we’ve brought in a trusted editor who will be assisting in editing, particularly for all of our 2019 wedding films. This will help to keep these films on time. With a better understanding now of the resources available to me I’ve been able to on the most part give more succinct dates. Two wedding features were delivered on time last week. although 2 are being delayed slightly (Dates reflected above). This will become more accurate as time goes on.

Reason for the delays

Some of you have already been made aware of this, others have not. There were a number of significant factors that have contributed to the delay. Here’s a quick detailing of those events:


I was diagnosed last year with sixth disease as well as suffered from a number of ailments which could have resulted in the end of my life. With rest, prescribed medications and medical treatment, I’ve been able to recover and get back to my regular routine. This was not easy, but I’ve made it though.

The birth of our 2nd Child

Last year we gave birth to our second child which we named “Hadley Hope Bergeron”. Along with my sickness, my wife Stephanie flying with Sunwing and looking after these two children this made the time available to spend editing quite difficult.

Unhelpful Help

We started work with rebelmonkey.pro to help us reduce our workload. We recognized with these various things going on in our lives we’d need some help to get things done. With rebelmonkey.pro our priority was Highlight Films and then to work on our Cinematic Features.

Things were initially great, but as we were delivered the project files we discovered we were mislead in terms of the use of the out-dated versions of Final Cut Pro X that they were using. They also did not follow our instructions interns of how to organize and ingest the footage.

These things contributed to us unable to edit the projects to do touch ups or follow up as we needed to. We had to completely rebuild multiple wedding features as a result. This was a misappropriation of our time and money invested with them.

Out of time and money

During this time we invested nothing in terms of advertising and did little work to book future work. I struggled with the idea of booking clients, knowing that we had fallen behind in both our communication with you, as well as our edits. But this meant that our cash flow also stopped. So in the midst I was began working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

As it stands I was the sole editor. My time was divided in recovering, single fathering our children was Stephanie was away, working multiples jobs when able, but trying to find time in the midst of all of this to get work done.


The 2nd half of 2018 and the first half of 2019 marked the most difficult time that myself of family has ever experienced. And the emotional burden of knowing that each one of you amazing couple were excitedly expecting your wedding films, made that all the more difficult.

I apologize to each one of you for the delayed responses and delay of your wedding films. I cannot possible say sorry enough to make up for the delay. I’m am truly and humbly sorry.

Family life is much more stable today, I’m feeling much more healthy, and although there’s still a couple minor things, Doctor says have a clean bill of health. Being able to effectively focus on working on these wedding films is a breath of fresh air, and any of the positive feedback I’ve been receiving has been incredibly encouraging.

A Promise

You will receive your wedding film, and it will look great. You will receive your wedding film before your anniverysy date. Even though there’s been delays that hasn’t changed the effort and passion we’re putting into your film, it’s doesn’t reduce our cost of doing things. The quality of your wedding film has not been compromised.

Plan moving forward

I will be posting weekly updates here regarding the timeline above, what I’m currently working on, and what I’ll be working on in the coming week. This will be the primary place to go to if you’re interested to see the progress of your wedding film and see how things are.

I will also be streaming each Friday evening for the Summer from 9pm - Midnight on Twitch.tv wedding edits that I’m working on. If your interested in seeing some of the behind the scenes, see my live at work, and see the progress of work on the wedding I’m working on, that’ll be the time and place to do it.

I’ll be doing a lot more editing then that thorough the week, but I though this would be a great small a quick way to help build confidence in the on going work I’m doing. This Friday I’ll either be working on J&J’s wedding or K&L’s wedding. I’ll have a better of an idea what depending on how much progress I’ve made throughout the week.

Wrap up

In an effort to be real, and not hide from anything, this is update is going live on my website. I genuinely am excited to deliver the completed wedding film to each of you as I know they will delight. It’s not a fun situation we’re in right now, but as these updates become more consistent, communication improves, and wedding are delivered, the atmosphere will change for everyone and helpful we can all leave happier then we are right now.

Thank you to all of you. You’ve all been patient with me, and for that I’m so incredibly thankful. Thank for the kind words some have expressed and the encouraging words sent. We’re nearly at the finish line and I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve all been working on.


Daniel Bergeron