Jono & Bronwyn

Jono and Bronwyn are such a great couple. They're just so easy going that filming these special moments with these two was a joy and a breeze. Having the sun peek out throughout the day was also a nice bonus too. This highlight video captures the photoshoot, ceremony and first dance.


  • There are some really great slow motion shots of Jono and Bronwyn together. These moments in real life are so quick and fleeting that to be able to hold on to them for just a bit longer is so precious.
  • Having the first dance just as the reception starts is such a great way to start off the festivities. Not only is the lighting great, but it's also a fun way to change things up from the more traditional wedding formula.
  • You might also really love the music too! The music was picked out by the bride and groom and I think fits really well with the day.

 Film Type: Highlights Film (Single Shooter)
 Length: 5:35


  • One thing that stands out to me was how instrumental the wedding planner was to this day. It really was incredible to see how involved the wedding planner was with the event, ensuring that everything went off without a hitch.

Notable vendors

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