End of the month progress update

Hello everyone!

Since my initial blog post on July 3rd, lots of work has been accomplished. Couples of LOVING their wedding films and I’m excited for everyone else to get theirs soon! Here’s a quick status update on these July delivery date weddings:

M & G: Ready for physical delivery
K & L: 2nd edit sent
D & K: Ready for physical delivery
J & J: 2nd edit sent
J & S: 1st cut sent

Some of these film experienced slight delay then I originally estimated. To be consistent in the work I’m delivery and conscious of our August 2019 wedding films, I’ll be revising the delivery dates of our August weddings and delaying them by about an additional week. Here are our new 1st cut delivery dates:

K & R: Aug 8th
A & M: Aug 15th
C & M: Aug 21st
J & R: Aug 30th
B & K: Sept 6th

Also due to a wedding I’ll be preparing for this Friday, our Friday night stream will be moved to this Thursday at 9PM. Feel free to watch to see the behind the scenes of how we make these films, as well as ask questions you might have.

That about wraps it up this this update! See yah!