We believe that every couple has a story to tell. 
Our passion is in caring for that story.

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Let us introduce ourselves. We do wedding filmmaking because we love telling love stories! We love the meaning and significance that weddings often hold. To be able to capture those moments so that they can be relived again and again for decades to come, is so incredible.

Being married ourselves and having created our own wedding film, we know the challenges, and stresses that come with planning your wedding celebration. With those valuable experiences and those from the dozens of weddings we've captured before, we think that further strengthens our ability to be the right pick for you. 

Daniel Bergeron

Videographer & Founder

"Filmography has been a passion of mine since I was a young child. Any opportunity to pick up a camera to film the world has always been a worthwhile one. Since that time I've had the incredible opportunity to work in the film industry.

Today, I find so much joy in creating wedding films. I aspire that these couples will continue to view these films over for years and generations to come."

- Daniel

Photo by Daniel Bergeorn

stephanie BERGERON

Videographer & Co-Founder

"Every year in September, I'll grab my hubby and a box of tissues and sit down together to watch our wedding day video. Watching our day over again bring memories I once thought lost, flying back into my mind.

It's a complete joy to experience such a wonderful day again. It's that, that inspires me to grow my ability as a videographer and storyteller."

- Stephanie

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